About Market Cap Group

Market Cap’s vision is to create effective organisations with energised employees through great leadership. We are specialists in training leaders, employees and groups. We always start from the client’s business idea and goals.

We have trained and developed thousands of leaders, employees and groups from SMEs to multinationals and other organisations in the Nordic countries, Baltics and France. We also work with coaching as well as stress and sleeping analysis.

Market Cap Group consists of four consultants and partners: Agneta Setterwall, Eva Öhrn, Johan Setterwall and Lars Strinnholm. All partners/consultants have extensive experience of leading positions in different sectors and many countries.


If you want to know more or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
email: info@marketcap.se
phone: +46 8 636 25 00

Agneta Setterwall
+46 70 218 87 45LinkedIn

Eva Öhrn
+46 70 853 02 13

Johan Setterwall
+46 70 728 66 20

Lars Strinnholm
+46 70 728 04 86


"Believe me, we were talking about the training program and our experiences more than half of our way back to Vilnius (if to take into consideration, that the whole trip lasted ~ 6 h). We had really valuable, with relevant content, inspiring and motivating training program – what else could I add..."

Jurgita Banyte, If Lithuania